Gunbuster Cosplay: Kazumi Amano (Jet Hyp!) Cosplay 06 MAR 2011

A cosplay from an anime relic this time around, it is none other than Kazumi Amano (cosplayed by Jet Hyp!) of mecha military OVA Gunbuster, the 1988 directorial debut of Hideaki Anno, the man who would go on to give us the smash hit, Neon Genesis Evangelion!

In anticipation for the Earth landing of the Space Monsters, huge insectoid aliens discovered to be travelling through the galaxy, mankind is in fierce development of huge mechanical fighting suits to become the sword for all humanity – the RX-7 Machine Weapons.

However, as advanced as these giant battle suits are, they are no more than training vehicles for the upcoming intensely powerful Gunbuster fighting suits, something that everyone at the pilot training academy are all too aware of.

Current top pilot at the school is one Kazumi Amano, a gifted student who is both beautiful and talented, making her particularly competent behind the complex controls of the fighting suit. An idol to just about all other aspiring trainee pilots, this also happens to make her the natural target for challenger duels, something this hard working and talented girl is more than eager to take on!

Cosplayer Jet Hyp! is a costume wearing girl who is not particularly shy of showing skin (or her behind for that matter), usually found with less clothes on than a conservative mom would like. However, that is not stopping her from putting on a great display as the reasonable covered Kazumi Amano, complete with her trademark pink socks and pilot uniform.


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