Bleach Cosplay: Soi Fon (Minami Tachibana) Cosplay 13 MAR 2011

I have already featured Minami Tachibana’s excellent Soi Fon cosplay twice before in these pages, but the ever popular smash hit, Bleach always deserves some more attention, hence one last look at the deadly Captain of the 2nd Division and Commander in Chief of the Secret Mobile Corps, Soi Fon!

Hard working tomboy Shinigami or Soul Reaper Soi Fon finds herself as the current Captain of the 2nd Division and Commander in Chief of the Secret Mobile Corps within the Soul Society. A stickler for following orders, Soi Fon is antagonistic towards her underlings as a ploy to keep them on their toes.

Formerly a bodyguard and protege of Yoruichi Shihoin, Soi Fon found herself crushed when her former mentor deserted the Shinigami forces without taking her along. Still, unable to beat her teacher in one on one battle, Soi Fon continues to idolize her.

She possesses great speed and a high level of hand to hand combat skill, supplemented with the power of her Zanpakuto Suzumebachi, literally the Hornet. She is able to counteract poisons and is one of the most deadly assassins currently within the Shinigami ranks.

As I have mentioned above, the cosplayer tackling her with seemingly particular relish is Minami Tachibana, who as you can see does a pretty fine job!

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