Queen’s Blade Cosplay: Alice (Saku) Cosplay 20 MAR 2011

Everyone’s favourite risqué visual combat books from Hobby Japan makes its return with today’s Cosplay Sundae – and we’re talking Queen’s Blade of course! On today’s cosplay menu is none other than Saku, portraying a Nitro+ original, Alice!

Queen’s Gate is a supplement to the original Queen’s Blade and Queen’s Blade: Rebellion core line, and features a number licensed characters from other games and series. The menacing Alice is a character from Nitroplus and is what is call a Gate Opener. Armed with dual pistols and built-in combat knives, her main fighting surprise however is her heavy duty whip which she prefers to wear as a tail whenever possible.


Anyway, as you can see Saku puts on a great cosplay here, with a lot of detail going into her costume. Of course, this being Queen’s Blade, the rest of the shoot veers towards a far more… revealing nature, but these shots posted here should be pretty safe enough.

I hope.

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