Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Card Builder Cosplay: Catharine Blitzen (Minami Tachibana) Cosplay 17 APR 2011

Not to be outdone by her rival, Reiko Holinger, Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Card Builder game mascot Catharine Blitzen also steps up to the Cosplay Sundae stage for today’s red bodysuit edition.

Another design by Mine Yoshizaki, original character Catharine Blitzen complements Reiko Holinger as one of Gundam 0079 Card Builder’s official game mascots, also with the ability to take on the role of secretary and interact with the player during gameplay, despite being a hidden character that isn’t available from the get go.

And as the tradition goes, her hobbies are listed as shopping and singing karaoke. Oh, and in case you had not noticed, her costume is modeled after that of Char Aznable, a staple in the original Gundam universe.

Minami Tachibana is the girl tasked with tackling the red bodysuit and see through skirt combination, and as you can see, she ends up creating quite a cute Catharine in the process.


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