Queen’s Blade Cosplay: Nanael (Yui) Cosplay 01 MAY 2011

From the naughty anime that gave us acid-spewing breasts and live snake g-strings, comes today’s Cosplay Sundae entry: It’s that mischievous angel Nanael – from none other than Queen’s Blade of course!

Also known as the Angel of Glory, Nanael is a troublesome angel is isn’t particularly good at her job and is always coming up with little schemes of her own in order to boost her worth. Finally one offence too much leads to her being exiled out of the Holy Realm and she is sent straight down to the mortal world in order to keep a watchful eye over the upcoming tournament. As part of her probation, she is tasked with carrying a vial of Holy Milk, from which not a single drop is allowed to be spilled during the course of the Queen’s Blade tournament.

Needless to say, her legendary clumsiness makes this particularly challenging.

However, despite her apparent ineptitude at times, this angel, whose one wing is larger than the other, is actually fairly accomplished in battle, wielding her Celestial Saber together with her telekinetic and celestial abilities to great affect.

Originally designed by Kuchu Yosai and voiced by Aya Hirano in the anime, it is nevertheless up to cosplayer Yui to bring this mischievous angel to life, pulling off a great cosplay that shows off all the necessary Nanael… assets.

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