Black Rock Shooter Cosplay: Black Rock Shooter (Aira) Cosplay 02 MAY 2011

This week we get Aira doing a damn fine job of bringing the enigmatic Black Rock Shooter to life via the wonderful art of cosplay!

Black Rock Shooter is a pretty strange anime project considering it is based on a song and its accompanying music video by group Supercell as well some illustrations by artist Huke. Still, the dangerous Gothic warrior designs appear to be quite a hit with cosplayers and we have been seeing Black Rock Shooter cosplays popping up all over the Net now.

Black Rock Shooter, known as BRS or Rock for short, is the eponymous character of the franchise. She is depicted with her hair in two pigtails, one longer than the other, and she has two scars on her torso and her hip. Her left eye burns with a bright blue flame. She wears a pair of knee high black boots, a black bikini top, black short shorts with a light gray belt, and a black hooded jacket with a long back with a white star on the back. She carries two weapons, a rock cannon that can fire rapid shots or more powerful charge shots, and a crooked katana.

In the OVA, she is a resident of the Other World who merges with Mato in order to rescue Yomi who was possessed by Dead Master. In the TV series, she is Mato’s darken persona who fights against other inhabitants, regardless of its impact on the other world. In Innocent Soul, she resides in the world of Hazama, a place between Heaven and Earth, and her job is to purify stagnant souls whose regrets caused them to become trapped in this realm and become demons that attack other souls. In the game, she is a clone of White Rock Shooter, created to help combat the alien invasion currently wiping out the human race. However, it takes this clone 16 years to mature in her chamber before awakening, too late to save humanity from destruction.

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