Rumble Roses Cosplay: Candy Cane (Aki) Cosplay 08 MAY 2011

You can’t argue against the fact that Konami’s wrestling game, Rumble Roses wasn’t created with a very specific demographic in mind. Nevertheless, it does mean the perfect setting for some great girl cosplays, and so today’s Cosplay Sundae entry kicks off with everyone’s favourite heel with a nice streak – Candy Cane!

Starting out as a heel (in other words “villain”) in the ring of Rumble Roses, Candy Cane (Rebecca Walsh) is the lead vocalist for an all girl punk band entitled “The Killer Barbies”. Labelled a misfit and punk by society, Candy Cane certainly does nothing to dispel these tags!

Funnily enough though, beneath her rough and ready facade lies a heart of gold, as she actually entered the competition in order to win the prize money so that she could save the orphanage in which she was raised.

Although probably not quite as an accomplished wrestler as her cosplay character’s sake, cosplayer Aki certainly does her best to look the part – attitude and all… even if it is a particularly easy costume to pull of!

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