Eureka Seven Cosplay: Anemone (Midori Kanda) Cosplay 15 MAY 2011

A soldier of the United Federation of Predgio Towers, Anemone from the sky surfing mecha anime Eureka Seven is the focus of today’s Cosplay Sundae entry.

Accompanied by her badger-like, overweight pet Gulliver, and overseen by the competent Dominic Sorel, Nirvash typeTheEND mecha pilot for the United Federation of Predgio Towers, Anemone is one messed up character indeed.

Modified by Dewey Novak’s scientists in order to make her more Coralian in nature and brutally conditioned to pilot TheEND, Anemone is in fact the only person to ever survive the complex procedures, but at a terrible cost. Damaged both mentally and physically, Anemone suffers from painful headaches, nosebleeds, and emotional instability, most of which can be temporarily treated with a drug injected into a receptor in her neck.

When drugged, she becomes almost unbeatable in the skies in her TheEND, giving even Renton and Eureka a good run for their money. She is one of the most capable mecha pilots in the sky, but when not in a drugged state, her calm, focused and violent personality reverts back to its more moody and reluctant state.

Popular cosplayer Midori Kanda puts together another fabulous cosplay this time around, matching all the character’s details – and personality – pretty seamlessly. In other words, one can’t be sure that this was actually such a good thing, given the character’s rather polarised state of mind!

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