Bleach Cosplay: Nemu Kurotsuchi (Namada) Cosplay 22 MAY 2011

As popular a show as ever, Tite Kubo’s Bleach provides us with the inspiration for today’s cosplay, featuring none other than the deadly artificial girl lieutenant of the 12th Division, Nemu Kurotsuchi!

A lieutenant in the 12th Division of the Gotei Thirteen, shinigami Nemu Kurotsuchi it the artificially created daughter of Mayuri Kurotsuchi, a combination of his research into artificial bodies and artificial souls.

Her personality is introverted and passive, but this warrior has been designed to withstand fatal wounds, even though the pain that goes with these wounds does not go unfelt. Although immune to Mayuri’s many poisions, Nemu’s repairable body holds various poisons and potions within, making her highly dangerous to any enemy that should try and consume her or attack her from inside.

In addition to this, Nemu has superhuman strength and is capable of boring through obstacles by rotating her arms at high speeds, with her hands functioning as drill bits.

Yes, this is Bleach, so we don’t understand that either. Anyway, voiced by Rie Kugimiya in the original Japanese anime, today’s cosplay duties is competently handled by cosplayer Namada, who provides a suitable demure (and detailed) Nemu.

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