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Ero-anime Queen’s Blade proved to be a popular hit with Japanese (and Western fansub) audiences, first prompting a sequel to follow on from the original twelve episode run and now doing it all over again, with a 6 part OVA to round things off.

Queen’s Blade: Utsukushiki Toushi-tachi or Queen’s Blade: Beautiful Fighters is a 6 part OVA released over the period of August 2010 to February 2011, once again directed by Kinji Yoshimoto (who has handled the reins right from the start) with animation produced by ARMS (who have also been handling that particular assignment since the beginning).

The goal of this OVA is to flesh out the anime Queen’s Blade universe a little more, and thus each of the fanservice-laden six episodes focus on a different subset of characters arising out of the anime, churning out a new story that relates to the main series but with a lot of flashback and backstory to paint just that little bit more detail into the Queen’s Blade world.

For example, episode 1 entitled “Faith! Elina’s Unshakable Bond” tells the story of how Elina finds herself alone in defending the castle against the enraged surrounding fiefdoms, and eventually comes up short when going up against the slithery Echidna who captures and essentially crucifies her, waiting in hope that Leina will eventually appear to save her hot-headed sister. The story then for the most part then focusses on the bound Elina’s thoughts, as she traces her relationship and infatuation with her older sister.

Of course, this is Queen’s Blade, a recognised ero-anime, and as such there are loads and loads of panties, bare bum, jiggling boob and nipple shots to take in, never mind Echidna’s snake who has a penchant for acting like a pair of panties and of course slithering around other girls’ bodies.

But outside of that, the story and action remain as solid and enjoyable as the original, something which helps to raise Queen’s Blade status just that little bit out of the gutter.

As for the artwork, ARMS continues the good character work, design and animation it put forth in the television series, and in fact I would even go as far as to say that this time around they have seemingly doubled the effort put into the all important action/battle scenes, making this newest run the best looking Queen’s Blade material yet!

And yes, the original voice cast all return to continue with their stellar work.

Queen’s Blade: Beautiful Fighters is probably watchable only if you have invested time in watching the original series, because it definitely achieves its purpose of deepening the universe, but definitely doesn’t cater for first time viewers. However, it is still an ero-anime at heart and remains definitely something you will probably end up watching alone, particularly if you like your titillation coming from an animated form, or your partner has a problem with animated boobies!

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