Infant Ill Jessica | My Life 25 MAY 2011

Shame, so little Jessica is sick for the first real time in her life, with a good and proper ear, nose and throat infection. She started showing symptoms on Monday, and although our own thermometers didn’t indicate a fever (which have now shown to be rather inaccurate and thus actually quite useless), our little darling was wheezing away, exhibiting shallow breathing, being very congested, releasing lots of yellow snot (the colour is what makes it an indication of sickness by the way) and of course just being in lots and lots of discomfort with the heart-breaking big crocodile tears.

She didn’t have a great night’s worth of sleep and so on Tuesday Chantelle took her to the doctor, a mission in itself because all of the local doctors and paediatricians were fully booked (you can definitely see that Winter is here), and so on the advice of Ingrid, she went and plonked herself down at a certain Doctor Wade’s offices where she was eventually squeezed in when a little gap opened up between patients. The doctor confirmed the infection and wants to start Jessie on a ten day course of antibiotics.

Only one small problem though.

Jessica is due her May Synergist shot at the end of the week, and as such, until we get confirmation from Dr. Edson, we can’t risk giving her antibiotics which may prevent her from getting the all important Synergist in the first place – meaning that for the moment, we can’t medicate our suffering little one.

Shame, but she is struggling through it like a good little soldier, tears and sneezes and all, and of course as Mommy and Daddy, Chantelle and I are showering her with plenty of love, hugs and kisses, in the hopes that she gets through this as quickly and painlessly as possible! jessica lotter, baby, infection, sick, doctor, antibiotics, ear infection, nose infection, throat infection

Sigh, it really isn’t pleasant to see your child suffering so, especially when she can’t tell you just how sore she is, other than by crying her little lungs out! :(

(Update: We finally got the necessary feedback from The Stork’s Nest – perfectly fine to give her antibiotics as it shouldn’t interfere with the Synergist injection. Thank goodness for that!)

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  • Justin

    I am getting ready to have a child of my own and have been keeping up with some of your posts just as a bit of insight from someone a year or more ahead of me and saw this post.  I see your dilema and have come across many of these issues myself as a young one.  My solution was never antibiotics (not that I am telling you not to medicate) I simply see an opportunity here for you to try a vitamin complex since your doctor has given you some unique instructions.  It may take the edge off for her and she will likely go to the bathroom more but her immune system will advance because of this and she may not get it in the future if you stick to a strick vitamin regiment. Good luck.

    • Oh make no mistake, as an adult, I don’t medicate at all unless my wife knocks me unconcious and pushes the pills down my throat! I’m also not a big fan of antibiotics, and really am not that keen on giving to my little one, but at this very fragile time I can’t be selfish and need to do what the doctors’ instruct me to.

      The good news is that after just two days she is already heaps better and smiling away, so it looks like we got away with this one! :)

      • Justin

        Yes Medication is for sure a business and one that has no future unless it keeps its clients in need.  Sticking to what we know can be best, especially when it is with reguard to those who cannot fend for themselves…yet.