Katanagatari Cosplay: Togame (Tomia) Cosplay 29 MAY 2011

Korean cosplayer Tomia graces our Cosplay Sundae entry today, with her detailed, pouty, katana-wielding version of Katanagatari’s Togame.

2010’s Katanagatari tells the story of Shichika Yasuri, seventh head of the Kyoto-ryu, who gets drawn into the search for the enigmatic twelve swords forged by master swordsmith Kiki Shikizaki at the behest of the manipulative Togame (who he falls in love with of course).

Togame, real name Princess Yousha, considers herself a bit of a strategist and comes across as a master manipulator of people. She is intelligent, calculative and sly, though a little clumsy and with the particular habit of saying “cheerio” every time she punches Shichika. Which is a lot.

But her goal is clear – she wants those twelve swords no matter the cost, and is willing to do just about anything, or put anyone in harm’s way, to lay her hands on them!

Korean cosplayer Tomio is quickly becoming an Internet sensation thanks to her association with the other current big name Korean cosplayer of the moment, Tasha, with the two being renowned for their very detailed cosplays and use of great photo-shoot backdrops.

Just as you might have noticed on this one mind you…

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