Covered: The Books of Magic #25 (Chris Bachalo) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 04 JUN 2011

Chris Bachalo remains one of my favourite artists, thanks to his hauntingly beautiful and shadowed work, all of which is wonderfully brooding and stylized, but not so much that it becomes too distorted and unrecognisable.

From his awesome pencils on mature titles like DC Vertigo’s Shade, The Changing Man and Death, Marvel’s Generation X and X-Men and his own project Steampunk, Chris continues to amaze each and every time he puts pencil to paper.

This particular cover he whipped up for the spellbinding Books of Magic title from DC/Vertigo, instantly capturing the enigmatic and magical feel of the title as it confidently hit its quarter of a hundred mark back in 1996.

Featuring Death, Timothy Hunter and a whole lot of cherubs, how can you not marvel at this?

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