Read or Die Cosplay: Yomiko Readman (Chocoball) Cosplay 05 JUN 2011

One of my favourite anime OVA series makes the cut for Cosplay Sundae today, none other than Read or Die, with everyone’s favourite paper-wielding introverted bookworm, Yomiko Readman being brought to life by the ever talented and cute, Chocoball.

The original Read or Die OVA was released in 2001, directed by Koji Masunari and produced by SME Visual Works. The story follows paper-wielding Yomiko Readman, codename “The Paper”, an agent for the Special Operations Division of the British Library, who gets embroiled in a plot featuring super-powered clones (or I-Jin) of famous historical figures.

As a character, Yomiko is a bibliomaniac who works outside of the Library as a substitute school teacher. She is somewhat meek with a childlike demeanour, and prefers to retreat and live in recluse, all in order to spend as much time as possible buried in her mountain of books.

However, despite her personality, The Paper is one of the British Library’s top agents, with the power to manipulate and bend paper to her will, able to create both offensive and defensive structures from anything paper-based in close vicinity to her as well as the ability to launch this paper as lethal projectiles if she so wills.

Yomiko’s library bookworm look is perfectly captured here by Chocoball, a Japanese cosplayer who always seems to give her cosplayed characters the right mix of cute and sultry, no matter the environment and no matter the costume.

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