Firefox 4: How to Duplicate a Tab using a Keyboard Shortcut CodeUnit 06 JUN 2011

Here is a quick and easy keyboard shortcut to duplicate or clone the current open tab in Firefox 4.

Simply click on the address bar for focus (you’ll note that the address highlights) and then press Alt+Enter to open that same address in a new tab. Nifty.

Note that you can achieve a similar affect by holding down Ctrl and clicking on the browser Reload button (yes, yes, I know that this isn’t a keyboard shortcut). This is of course because the default action when holding down Ctrl and left-clicking on any URL embedded in a page is to open that URL in a new tab.

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  • vex

    Thanks, really useful tips.

  • nitro

    This is not really a keyboard shortcut since you have to click on the address bar for focus. Is there real shortcut to do it without clicking?

    • eiffel

      try ctrl+l Then alt+enter.

    • Yup, eiffel has it right. Turns out that Ctrl + L will jump to the address bar

      • John

        or F6 for that matter :)

        • Even better! Difficult to argue with a one button press!

          • st

            alt+d,alt+enter is even easier to type… still I miss the (customizable) single key shortcut from opera :/