Beautiful Killer Cosplay: Brigit Cole (Omi Gibson) Cosplay 12 JUN 2011

Ripped straight from the pages of the short lived Black Bull Comics stable, cosplayer Omi Gibson brings Jimmy Palmiotti and Phil Noto’s Beautiful Killer, aka Brigit Cole to life!

In 2002 writer Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Phil Noto unleashed the three part Beautiful Killer story upon the unsuspecting public, via Wizard’s short-lived comics foray, Black Bull Comics. It tells the story of one Brigit Cole, the albino daughter of two renowned, world class top secret agents, who both withdrew from public life to rear Brigit in complete isolation on a secluded island.

Trained by her parents in all the skills of the spy, Brigit is a competent marksman, survivalist, disguise artist and computer hacker, all rolled in one. However, the times have certainly changed since her parents were in active duty, meaning her skills too have adapted to suit our current day and age.

In other words, certainly not a young woman you would wish to make mad and then unleash into the world!

Renowned Metal Gear cosplay supremo, Omi Gibson tackles Brigit Cole aka The Beautiful Killer with her usual attention to detail and raw attitude, pulling off yet another excellent cosplay in the process!

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