Rumble Roses Cosplay: Miss Spencer (Chocoball) Cosplay 19 JUN 2011

Back to the all-girl wrestling game unleashed onto the unsuspecting world by Konami back in 2004, today’s Cosplay Sundae entry features Miss Spencer, as brought to life by Chocoball.

We’ve already featured Candy Cane, or Rebecca Welsh if you will, on the Cosplay Sundae segment, which is just as well as it turns out that she is exactly the reason Miss Spencer (full name Muriel Spencer) entered the Rumble Roses competition in the first place! Eager to drag her rebellion pupil Rebecca Welsh back to class, this history teacher puts up quite a mean wrestling fight.

As for Miss Spencer’s heel form in the game, that character is known as Mistress Spencer, who is a dominatrix version of the history teacher, who happens to go around with a slave – a homosexual man in clown make-up that responds to “Sebastian”.

Not sure what Konami was thinking on that one.

Chocoball has a particularly look she does, glasses and all, and 99% of the time it translates well to the characters she chooses to cosplay. Miss Spencer is certainly no exception as this well-versed cosplayer pulls off another great look!

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