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You’re Under Arrest Episode Guide (1 – 4) Anime 22 JUN 2011

01 And So They Met

Its her first day of work, and Tsujimoto Natsumi is already late. And sitting stuck behind a railway crossing is definitely not helping things. But taking that reckless shortcut on her little scooter might not have been the best idea either. Bokuto Precinct’s officer Kobayakawa Miyuki is soon hot on this miscreant’s tail.

A high-speed chase gets underway, with Natsumi unable to shake this determined officer. In fact, the only way this chase can end is with the untimely intervention of a little kitten.

But then things become a little strange. It seems that Miyuki has been expecting Natsumi to show up. After all, she is joining Bokuto Precinct today isn’t she? Together with officers Nakajima Ken and Nikaidoo Yoriko, Miyuki welcomes Natsumi to the force.

But another surprise lies in store for these two cops. The captain is assigning partners – and he has chosen Natsumi to partner Miyuki.

And although this partnership might not have started off on the most stable of footings, it is soon put to the test as a mysterious red mini shows up to cause havok in Tokyo. If Natsumi and Miyuki don’t get their act together, there is no telling what this “Fox” might do!

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PHP: How to Gracefully deal with some Microsoft Windows Special Characters CodeUnit 22 JUN 2011

Although Microsoft Windows smart quotes are the usual culprits for web developers who need to display strings on devices powered by operating systems other than Windows, there are in fact a number of other Windows-only special characters that can potentially rear their heads every now and then.

Below is a handy list of string replaces (done verbosely for easier reading) that will replace these Windows special characters with accepted alternatives which can more easily be ported across to different systems:

 $str = str_replace(chr(130), ',', $str);    // baseline single quote
 $str = str_replace(chr(131), 'NLG', $str);  // florin
 $str = str_replace(chr(132), '"', $str);    // baseline double quote
 $str = str_replace(chr(133), '...', $str);  // ellipsis
 $str = str_replace(chr(134), '**', $str);   // dagger (a second footnote)
 $str = str_replace(chr(135), '***', $str);  // double dagger (a third footnote)
 $str = str_replace(chr(136), '^', $str);    // circumflex accent
 $str = str_replace(chr(137), 'o/oo', $str); // permile
 $str = str_replace(chr(138), 'Sh', $str);   // S Hacek
 $str = str_replace(chr(139), '<', $str);    // left single guillemet
 $str = str_replace(chr(140), 'OE', $str);   // OE ligature
 $str = str_replace(chr(145), "'", $str);    // left single quote
 $str = str_replace(chr(146), "'", $str);    // right single quote
 $str = str_replace(chr(147), '"', $str);    // left double quote
 $str = str_replace(chr(148), '"', $str);    // right double quote
 $str = str_replace(chr(149), '-', $str);    // bullet
 $str = str_replace(chr(150), '-', $str);    // endash
 $str = str_replace(chr(151), '--', $str);   // emdash
 $str = str_replace(chr(152), '~', $str);    // tilde accent
 $str = str_replace(chr(153), '(TM)', $str); // trademark ligature
 $str = str_replace(chr(154), 'sh', $str);   // s Hacek
 $str = str_replace(chr(155), '>', $str);    // right single guillemet
 $str = str_replace(chr(156), 'oe', $str);   // oe ligature
 $str = str_replace(chr(159), 'Y', $str);    // Y Dieresis

Should be useful.