Grabbing the Bottle with Both Hands Jessica 24 JUN 2011

Jessie’s continued development steam-rolls ahead with each and every passing day, with one such milestone being the ability to at last reach out to something in front of her and try to grab it with both hands. Of course, the applies very nicely to her milk bottle and as you can see from the pics, she’s making great inroads towards feeding herself come bottle time.

Soon she’ll be all like, “Look Mom, both hands!” ;)

(And in case you were wondering, she has quite the steely grip in those little hands of hers. I truly fear for my nose and more importantly, nose hairs, every time I get in close!)

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  • Nauman Alvie

    Has she started teething yet?u will have to change her name from the Dribble Monster to the Biter..The newly erupted teeth are razor sharp,so good luck.,hehe,,,btw, I am a dentist,hehe..Don’t hate me for being one..Yes, I know my occupation is even furthur down the popularity scale then even undertakers and morticians and even politicians,but someone has to do the job…Love your blogs..Me and my partner are seriously considering buying a flat in Gordons Bay…Would love to meet you and your family…Jessica is too cute for words,and the kitties are adorable!:)….Warm Regards,Norman…Alvin Norman from Nelspruit on facebook….will be visiting your neck of the woods soon….

    • She’s showing signs of teething, but nothing coming through just yet :)

      (And don’t worry, dentists are far higher along the scale than lawyers!)