Sucker Punch Cosplay: Babydoll (Omi Gibson) Cosplay 24 JUL 2011

Zack Snyder’s 2011 Sucker Punch delivered to us the rather tragic character of Babydoll, the fantasy reality version of which is brought back to life courtesy of well known cosplay icon, Omi Gibson.

Her mother dead, she and her sister are trapped with a vicious drunkard of a stepfather who wishes nothing more than to harm the two of them. A stray bullet and tragedy are enough to send Babydoll to the insane asylum for a lobotomy in order to hide the truth, which is exactly what forces this disturbed 20 year old girl to escape into the confines of her own mind and tackle a quest that is not of reality at all.

A skilled acrobatic dancer armed with a katana and a pistol, this is Sucker Punch’s Babydoll.

Portrayed on screen by Emily Browning, scantily clad Babydoll is brought back into the real world courtesy of Metal Gear Solid cosplay supremo Omi Gibson, who certainly doesn’t seem to have any misgivings about pointing a gun or waving a sword at you!

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