The Case of the Sporadically Broken Hyundai Getz Central Locking System

My nifty little midnight grey Hyundai Getz is now around a year and a half old by my reckoning, with 40,000 km on the clock (ouch, I know). However, here is the kicker. It seems to have developed this sporadic habit of breaking the driver’s side central locking system.

Every now and then, out of the blue, the “unlock all doors” functionality works as expected when exiting via the driver’s front door, but the “lock all doors” fails, which is quite inconvenient when you realise that you now have to walk around the car and lock each and every individual door by hand (because remember, the central locking was kind enough to still unlock all the other doors!)

Funnily enough, Chantelle has a similar but reversed problem with the central locking on her older 2006 model Getz, where basically the other doors don’t want to unlock. Which by the way is a far more convenient problem to sit with than mine when you think about it!

So the question is, has anyone else experienced the same problems with the central locking on their Hyundai Getz?

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13 thoughts on “The Case of the Sporadically Broken Hyundai Getz Central Locking System

  1. obviously we don’t have a Getz, but damen had a similar problem with his Golf a while ago. We sent it back to VW as it was still under warranty (your getz’s should be too) and they fixed it. Turns out there was a leak in the pipes that control the central locking.

  2. Hallo. I have a Hyundai Getz 1.6 (2006 model) with central locking. I bought it second hand with 12 000 km (yes!) on the clock and it still had a few months left on the service plan. I bought it in 2009. The central locking wasn’t working properly either — very erratic. Sometimes the doors would all lock when I drove off, and sometimes they didn’t. Sometimes the remote would open or close the doors, sometimes it didn’t. Hyudai in Paarden Island said they’d fixed the problem, but sometime soon after the warranty expired, it reappeared, as erratic as ever. I ignored it until today: now the front door lock won’t open from inside the car, so I have to wind down the window and unlock the door with the key. I just called Hyundai and they say it’s the accuator and will cost R1,865 for the parts and R860 + vat for 2 hours labour. Since I am no mechanic, I don’t know whether this is right or wrong. Can it not simply be a mechanical fault with the lock itself? So, I am wondering if you got your problem resolved and who you would recommend taking your car to who won’t charge you an arm and a leg to fix it! I’m in Sea Point. Thanks!!!

      1. I’ve emailed Lee Bennie on 567 Cape Talk — she has a program on cars on Friday nights and “The Boys” answer all kinds of car questions. My car is booked in for repairs with Hyundai on Monday, but before I spend R3,000 (or more!), I hope “The Boys” will be able to guide me so that I don’t get “taken for a ride”. Will try to remember to keep you updated.

          1. Update: decided not to wait till Monday or even Friday for “The Boys” — no guarantee they will answer my email on air. I found a mechanic closer to home who can take my car in tomorrow. On the phone he reckoned it was a mechanical issue on the lock but can only say once he’s stripped the door. Let’s really hope I don’t get “taken for a ride”, but I have already locked my keys inside my car because I closed the “unlocked” door with them in the ignition and the door locked by itself. So I’d like to sort this out sooner rather than later. Interesting you say it’s a common Getz problem.

          2. Update again: Have taken my car to Titan in Sea Point, located at the Total Garage in Main Road. Guy who runs it called Bradley. He just called to say he’s fixed the lock not opening within the car and also fixed my remote — for R427 (his standard base rate). He says, however, that the remote doesn’t always lock the car first time, usually only locks the second time. He says it’s the motor that runs the central locking which has become worn, and will replace that for a further R220. Let’s hope it’s all properly working when I pick up my car later. Quite different to the R3,000 Hyundai quoted over the phone (admittedly having not seen the car, but they never fixed it properly when it was under warranty the first time). Bradley reckoned it was the rods that were affecting the lock on the driver’s door lock not working, so I’ll find out more detail when I pick up my car. Hopefully you can use this info to fix your cars.

          3. I’m happy to say all is working. The foreman (I think), Shafiek, told me that the Getz central locking system is not a Hyundai system. For example, the remote control is a Sanji system. So he reckoned that is why the Hyundai technicians had difficulty fixing your system, cos it’s not part of their dedicated Hyundai skills. Who knows! Sounds like a plausible explanation, except how come he could fix it so easily and not them? Anyway, he also said that the Hyundai quote for R1,865 for the accuator (motor) is because it’s a geniune Hyundai part, and I got a generic part for R220 with 3 months warranty. Let’s hope it lasts long enough! I don’t know how long the Hyundai warranty is. So the fault was: the rods that open and close the lock needed to be repositioned and the system lubricated. And the motor (accuator) that locked and unlocked the doors via the remote control and when I turned on/off the ignition wasn’t working well enough (it half opened and half closed the locks) so it was replaced. I would recommend these guys based on today’s work — it was fast and efficient (I took the car in at 9am and was called at 11am to say it was done), and compared to Hyundai, reasonable.

          4. Hallo again! Lee Bennie read my email out on air and apparently there were so many SMSes that came through with the same problem. “The Boys” on the show reckoned the central locking problem that happens (like yours when some doors lock and others remain open) is to do with the remote control and alarm system that sends out a signal to lock or open the doors when the remote is used or when you turn on/off your ignition. My remote was broken and the guys who fixed my central locking don’t work on the Sanji system (my system). So I went to SoundMatch in Buitengracht Street who said that to replace the remote would cost R250, and I needed two. They recommended to replace the entire system for R500 which included two remotes. So they ripped out the old system (a box with wires under the steering wheel) and replaced it with a newer version. Then they programmed it so that when I start the car, the cars lock. But when I switch off the ignition the doors remain locked for security purposes. Then I use the remote to unlock the doors. They can program it to do whatever you want, so perhaps your problem is either that it has been programmed wrongly or there’s a problem with the signal. Let’s hope mine doesn’t give any further problems. It comes with a one-year guarantee and I have feeling I will be going back, because when I drove off, I noticed the doors didn’t lock!!!! Arrrgh!! But I was late for work and couldn’t turn back. (This is a saga!)

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