Samurai Showdown VI Cosplay: Iroha (Yui) Cosplay 14 AUG 2011

Cosplayer Yui, admittedly not known as one of the prettier faces in the world of cosplay, tackles one of the more popular Samurai Shodown VI characters in Japan, Iroha, for today’s cosplay entry.

The main protagonist and new character emerging from Samurai Shodown VI, Iroha has proven to be an immensely popular fighting character amongst the Japanese public. Her namesake taken from the Heian poem of the same name, Iroha is a crane who has taken a human form, transforming herself into a Japanese maid. With the player as her master (well, at least it is assumed as much), she bows and breaks the fourth wall by respectfully addressing the player before and after her fights.

Armed with two unique butterfly swords, Iroha relies on her speed for close ranged combat as well as her double jump to evade strikes. Her white feather projectile attacks hint at her former life as a crane, as well as her distinctive crane-like fighting stance.

Being as popular as she is, Iroha stars in her own mobile game called Maid by Iroha, she makes an appearance in the dating sim Days of Memories: Oedo Love Scroll, she appears as a usable character in the Queen’s Gate extension of the fantasy game series Lost Worlds and of course has her own range of figurines to choose from.

Not bad for a bird turned human.

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