Rumble Roses Cosplay: Reiko Hinomoto (Minami Tachibana) Cosplay 19 AUG 2011

Japanese cosplayer Minami Tachibana shivers as she brings us today’s not so well covered cosplay entry, that of Reiko Hinomoto from the all-girl wrestling game franchise, Rumble Roses.

Konami’s 2004 all girl wrestling game Rumble Roses introduced a diverse cast of female competitors, each with a good persona and a bad persona.

Reiko Hinomoto is a girl with a particular love of competition and this competitive fighter likes nothing better than getting in your face. However, she does respect her opponents as well as her mother’s legacy as a legendary wrestler of days gone by, and often prays to her both before and after a match.

On the flip side, we get Rowdy Reiko, who is instead a biker, part of the gang known as The Road Warriors. Reiko rises up to become the leader, assuming the name Queen Cobra.

And now you know.

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