Brad Walker and John Livesay: Action Comics #852 Cover (2007) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 27 AUG 2011

With Kurt Busiek behind the typewriter and penciller Brad Walker with inker John Livesay handling the art chores, Action Comics issue 852 entitled “3-2-1 Action!” sees Jimmy Olsen trying to figure out what to do with his newfound powers that stemmed from his visit to Stryker’s Island prison. In the process, we get a long flashback that details how Jimmy acquired/earned his Superman-summoning watch in the first place, as well as a breakout from Kryptonite Man, who hasn’t taken well to all the tests Stryker’s Island are running on him as part of the process of setting up a new alarm system.

And in case you were wondering who came up with this rather piercing piece of classic cover art, well look no further than the internal art team of Brad Walker and John Livesay. Nice.

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