Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Cosplay: Yoko Littner (Midori Kanda) Cosplay 04 SEP 2011

Yoko Littner is an extremely popular character choice when it comes to cosplay, and today’s entry features none other than Midori Kanda giving it more than just a decent go!

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’s lead female character, the super sexy Yoko Littner (or Yoko Ritona depending on who is spelling it), from the village Littner, is an energetic, spunky girl, not afraid of climbing straight into the thick of things, always ready for a fight and always ready to take out some more Gunmen with her fearsome electromagnetic rifle!
Already part of the resistance striving to free themselves from their oppressed existence under the Spirals, Yoko quickly joins up with Kamina and Simon after their rather sudden first encounter, to tackle the evil Beastmen Empire, under the banner of Team Dai-Gurren.
Infatuated with Kamina and also the fancy of young Simon, Yoko is probably the most mature member of the new resistance group, though as their successes continue to pile on, she also becomes the one most likely to leave this sort of life behind…

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