Rumble Roses Cosplay: Makoto Aihara (Kabi) Cosplay 19 SEP 2011

Japanese cosplayer Kabi dons the black gi top, sparring gloves and not much else as she brings to life judo wrestler supreme, Makoto Aihara from the all-girl wrestling game franchise, Rumble Roses.

Konami’s 2004 all girl wrestling game Rumble Roses introduced a diverse cast of female competitors, each with a good persona and a bad persona.

Makoto Aihara is somewhat of a child prodigy when it comes to judo. Already at an elite status as a judo practitioner, Makoto does however struggle to accept a childhood loss at the hands of another girl way back in her past, meaning that there is no hesitation for her in entering the Rumble Roses competition when she learns that this rival is also competing.

As for her evil alter ego, the Black Belt Demon features amazing strength and skill, and has already held the Rumble Roses title belt on a previous occasion. However, she is possessed, and with it comes an absolute desire to kill both Reiko and Aigle, who just happen to be her best friends as well as her greatest rivals!

And now you know.

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