Toradora! Cosplay: Taiga Aisaka (Midori Kanda) Cosplay 25 SEP 2011

Cosplay queen Midori Kanda graces us with her cosplay skills once more, with this week’s portrayal of short-tempered Taiga Aisaka from Toradora!

A girl from main protagonist Ryuji’s class, Taiga is a beautiful young woman who has the unfortunate temperament of not being able to stomach being around others. This means brutally honest verbal outbursts are common and her lashing out at people combined with her particularly short stature led to her earning the nickname Palmtop Tiger.

Of course, her under-developed body and nickname has given her a complex, which in turn strengths her negative attitude and dour facial expression, leaving us with an easily upset, clumsy and negative, if a bit childish, little girl. However, her beauty remains outstanding and she is constantly receiving confessions from all the boys, but to each and everyone of them she always gives a swift rejection.

Despite coming from a wealthy family, her father’s eventual bankruptcy made him abandon Taiga and her mom, leaving Taiga in a difficult position of not getting along with her new stepfather or half-siblings, despite the fact that she is still part of a privileged family.

Still, being able to manipulate Ryuji who wants to get with her best friend, especially considering his great household chores ability, is certainly something worth smiling about!

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