Guilty Gear Cosplay: Dizzy (Yui) Cosplay 09 OCT 2011

Another fighting game character this week, taking on the popular (and rather large in terms of number of titles) Guilty Gear franchise with Japanese cosplayer Yui’s depiction of the winged – and tailed – Command Gear, Dizzy!

Her birth shrouded in mystery, Dizzy was found as an infant roughly three years before the events of Guilty Gear X. An old, childless but loving couple took the baby in, but with her incredible growth rate, soon the villagers were fearing this child called Dizzy. After growing to a teenager in just three years, Dizzy grew a tail and wings, compounding her status as a Gear, in other words a living weapon of mass destruction.

Considering the hundred-year war with the Gears had just ended, the government was soon on the trail of the fugitive Dizzy, placing a 500,000 World-Dollar bounty on her head. However, another Gear named Testament located her first and took her under his wing, in order to protect her from the vicious bounty hunters.

Events unfolded and Dizzy eventually came to land up on the May Ship, until she was knocked off by I-No, where the resulting fall caused her to become possessed by Necro – resulting in the this formerly peaceful Gear turning into a rather devastating fighting weapon!

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