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Chantelle and I have been on a bit of a buying spree in terms of Jessica as of late, having in quick succession bought her a brilliant Bambino Roadster car and booster seat as well as a too cute for words Chariot feeding chair system, much to the horror of our bank account balances of course! :)

(Never mind the ultra cute duck-laden non slip rubber bath mat thing, with squishy bath toys, now that Miss Dribble Monster baths in the big bath!)

Of course, this is what I should have written well over a month ago when we first bought all of this stuff, but seeing as I have been a bit slack on the life and Jessica blog posts as of late, I’m only picking up on this one now!

With Jessica fast outgrowing the little baby seat that comes as part of the pram, we needed to invest in a proper car seat for her, and as such we set out to the mall, targeting in particular both Toys R Us and Baby Boom. I didn’t realize the variance in terms of what is being offered in the car seat range, but it quickly became apparent that you get what you pay for, and so we both decided on the Bambino Roadster chair from Baby Boom, a middle of the range car seat ringing in at R1,500.

The nice thing about this one, apart from the fact that it appears to be quite rugged, very adjustable and rather padded, is that it can be used for group classifications 0+,I,II and III, bearing a weight from 0 to 36 kg – in other words this is a car seat that can last us for a number of years! Another bonus is it comes with a base that turns it into a rear facing seat for Group 0+, perfect for us at the moment with little Jessica who still hasn’t quite hit the weight mark which allows her to be forward facing in a normal car seat.

(And on top of all this, I even happen to like the design!)

Installing the seat is a little tricky and so it is best to keep the manual close at hand when attempting this, though we did run into quite a major obstacle when installing it in Chantelle’s Hyundai Getz – our seat belts are too short to do the necessary wraparounds properly!! Nevertheless, we have jury-rigged it to an extent that it will work for now until we can flip it around to be forward facing, though it does mean Chantelle can’t have any front passengers sitting next to her when she drives!

In any event, Jessica fits snugly in the chair, sits quite comfortably, and is seeming to enjoy the view offered by the higher seating position.

As for the pram’s baby chair, well that now inhabits my car for when I need to take Jessica on short hops, like to day care for instance.

So yeah, I’m pretty happy with the purchase we made and will definitely recommend the Bambino Roadster to any parent concerned with the safety of their baby whilst travelling – it’s well built, quite flexible in terms of use, looks good, well padded and comes in at a fair price when ignoring the bottom of the range stuff.


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  • Rene Mamatlepa

    How do you disconnect the booster for infant on the seat

    • Sorry Rene, not sure off the top of my head. If it simply doesn’t slide off then I guess we’d better check up in the manual.

  • Rene Mamatlepa

    how do u disconnect the lower part

  • Lianavdmerwe

    Hi there, so glad I found this!!!! We bought the Roadster last week but all is not going well with the installation. We drive a Hyandai Tuscon, the belts are long enough but the seat keeps being loose…… any advice???

    • Hi Liana. From what I understand, the car seat doesn’t necessarily have to fit tightly in the car. Remember, on impact the seat belt is going to do all the stopping work, and the baby seat is simply giving the seat belt something to pull taut against. The baby seat’s belts keep the baby in the seat, while the car seat belt keeps the baby seat in the car. So as long as the seat belt is secured through the back of the car seat, you should be okay.

  • Lianavdmerwe

    Thank you so much for your quick reply!! It makes 100% sense…. I can see the middle belt that you used but not the one for the back (sorry I feel very stupid now)

  • Chloe

    Hi I was just wondering if you maby know how to put the roadsters seat belts back. I took it of to u the seat as a booster seat now I want the straps back for my small baby again. I have spend hours but just can figer it out:(

    • Sorry, Chloe, I don’t quite understand exactly what you’ve done, but I have a hunch that even if I did I wouldn’t know the answer – the Roadster’s belt system is tricky!

  • Rochelle

    Hi Craig, what is this carseats weight rating for rearfacing? I am looking for a decent and decently priced convertible car seat for my seven month old daughter but all the rear facing seats I see are only rated up to ten kgs and she already weighs nearly ten kgs. I want to keep her rear facing as long as possible and need a car seat that will allow that.

    • Sorry to disappoint, but I’ve hardly ever found rear-facing baby seat configuration that supports a lot of weight if I remember correctly. I don’t know what that seat was off hand, I’ll have to dig it out of storage to look, but I do remember that it wasn’t all that much for rear facing.