Covered: The Shield #10 (Sami Basri) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 22 OCT 2011

Captain America wasn’t the first hero to feature a costume based on the American flag. Oh no, that honour belongs to The Shield, created by MLJ (now known as Archie Comics) way back in January 1940.

Since then the character has seen a number of reboots and changes in ownership, the most recent of which has been DC’s attempt at modernizing the classic MLJ characters, particularly those of The Shield and Inferno.

DC’s 2010 The Shield (Volume 1) series ran for 10 issues, culminating with “Operation: Gunslinger Part 3 – Never Say Die!”, which featured a host of classic DC JSA characters as well as the eponymous The Shield of course!

Artist Sami Basri whipped up a spectacular cover for this issue, featuring The Shield standing defiant in a hail of bullets, making it perfect for this week’s Covered!

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