Strike Witches Cosplay: Francesca Lucchini (Lenfried) Cosplay 28 OCT 2011

The cute magic-wielding, flying, pantless army girls of Strikes Witches are highlighted in this week’s cosplay outing, this time around featuring one Francesca Lucchini, brought to life by cosplayer Lenfried.

At only twelve years of age, Francesca Lucchini is the youngest member of the 501st fighting unit, having joined from the Duchy of Romagna. Her rank is that of Pilot Officer and her unit affiliation was with Romagna’s Sovrana Aeronautica Romagniana 4th Air Unit.

Because of her age, Francesca is fairly childish and self-indulgent, often skipping training or base duties to rather have some fun or enjoy a nap instead. However, in the middle of battle it quickly becomes apparent that she has a talent and passion for flying. When combined with her Striker unit, she reveals the ears and tail of a black leopard.

And for some reason she likes to sometimes speak in a sing-song tone.

During battles she carries a M1919 A6, Breda-SAFAT 12.7 mm machine gun, or Beretta Model 1938A.

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