Jim Cheung: Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #3 Cover (2010) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 05 NOV 2011

The search for the Scarlet Witch is finally over as the Young Avengers find Wanda. But is she a hero or a villain? Is she still the Scarlet Witch? The battle over Wanda rages on as Avengers go up against the Young Avengers, Magneto clashes with Quicksilver, Wonder Man battles Wolverine, and the most powerful villain in the Marvel Universe conspires against them all so that he can possess Wanda himself.

With Marvel’s other big hero team being put through their paces by writer Allan Heinberg, with interior art from Jim Cheung and inks by Mark Morales, it was left up to the distinctive Jim Cheung to produce this stunning bit of cover art to wrap up all the goodness inside!

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