Strike Witches Cosplay: Lynette Bishop (Serika Kawasumi) Cosplay 07 NOV 2011

The cute magic-wielding, flying, pantless army girls of Strikes Witches are highlighted in this week’s cosplay outing, this time around featuring one Lynette Bishop, brought to life by cosplayer Serika Kawasumi.

Fifteen year old Lynette Bishop is the only Britannian Commonwealth native in the 501st fighter unit. The middle of eight siblings, Lynette is organised and a practical in nature, though she is sometimes overlooked and plagued by the occasional clumsiness. However, she always strives to do her best.

She holds the rank of Sergeant and is affiliated to the Britannian Air Force 610th Fighter Squadron. When combined with her striker, she exhibits the animal qualities of a Scottish Fold breed of cat.

Her armaments are a Mk. I Boys Anti-tank Rifle and a Bren light machine gun, which is useful considering she acts as the unit’s resident sharpshooter.

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