Our Second Baby Car Seat: The Bambino Grand Prix Jessica | My Life 11 NOV 2011

So unbelievably, Jessica is now too big for the carry seat that came with the pram, the one I’ve been using as a temporary car seat to cart Jessica to day care in. Of course, we do already own a beautiful and very good baby car seat in the form of the Bambino Roadster seat we bought a couple of months ago, but obviously we now need another one.

So enter the Bambino Grand Prix car and booster seat, courtesy of Toys R Us! :)

A step down from the awesome Roadster, the Grand Prix is what I would call Bambino’s midrange baby seat, rated for 9 to 36kgs, in other words for Groups 1, 2 and 3. It lacks the recline ability of the Roadster and is perhaps slightly less padded, but it is solidly built, fairly easy to install, and would appear to give a comfortable ride to Miss Jessica, who is always more happy when she can just about see out the side windows.

I guess the only thing left now is for me to join Chantelle and also get one of those Baby Onboard stickers… well onboard! :)

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  • NaturallyMeMum

    Hey there, why is it that you needed a new car seat after using the bambino roadster for such a short time? Was there a problem of some sort? I’m looking to get the roadster, maybe… Baby is only between 9-10 kg now (9 1/2 months), so the roadster should actually last for a long time still. It’s a relatively “expensive” buy and we don’t wish to have to replace the new car seat only a few months down the line. Tnx.

    • We’ve got two cars, so we got a second one for the second car, that’s the only reason :)

  • Ims

    I am looking for a car seat replacement for our second car too for my 2.5 year old boy . The question is Roadster or Grand Prix ? How does the Roadster scale up as the child grows? The reason why i am not so keen on grand prix is the lack of reclining feature. What would you suggest?

    • For a baby the Roadster is without a doubt the best bet – it is simply the better chair by far. However, at 2.5+ years things like reclining function simply isn’t that important any more, which is why the still good, but much better priced Grand Prix made sense for us.