Macross Frontier Cosplay: Clan Clang (Tomoyo) Cosplay 27 NOV 2011

Japanese cosplayer Tomoyo takes a shot at bringing some Macross Frontier into real life, targeting the blue-haired Meltran, Clan Clang for this week’s cosplay highlight.

Clan Clang is a blue-haired, serious-looking, but well-endowed Zentradi female (Meltran) who is in command of the all-female S.M.S. Pixie Squadron (which consists of herself and two subordinates), with the rank of captain.

As a childhood friend of Michael Blanc, she actually harbours a crush on him, although that does not seem to be reciprocated until just before he dies. She is also a top ace Queadluun-Reapower-armor pilot.

Due to a certain genetic anomaly, she appears her age as a fully-developed Meltran while macronized, but becomes physically a juvenile in her micron form. In other words, this makes her the perfect target for Michael’s mockery!

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