Strike Witches Cosplay: Charlotte E. Yeager (Misato Nekosawa) Cosplay 11 DEC 2011

The cute magic-wielding, flying, pantless army girls of Strikes Witches are highlighted in this week’s cosplay outing, this time around featuring one Charlotte E. Yeager, brought to life by cosplayer Misato Nekosawa.

Charlotte E. Yeager is a sixteen year old girl hailing from the United States of Liberion with the rank of Flight Lieutenant.

Magnanimous in character, tall and buxom in appearance, Charlotte, nicknamed Shirley, is a thrill-seeker who is fascinated by speed. Like a speedy hare, she gains the ears and tail of a rabbit when equipped with her Striker.

Concerned with cleanliness, Charlotte had her personal bath transported all the way to the Strike Witches’ Britannia base when she was transferred from the Liberion Army 363rd Fighter Wing. In combat her armament can consist of a M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle, Thompson M1 A1, or Colt Government M1911 A1.

And now you know.

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