X-Men Cosplay: Rogue (Ichigokitty) Cosplay 12 DEC 2011

Today’s comic book cosplay entry comes from American cosplayer Ichigokitty, otherwise known as Andrea to her friends. She always makes all of her costumes herself, and as you can see for yourself, detail is always key to her. And just in case you were STILL wondering who the character she’s portraying is, it’s Rogue. You know, from the X-Men?

And no, not the movie version, the comic book version.

The tragic southern belle mutant Rogue started off as a villain within the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, before eventually moving over to the good side and joining the X-Men. Her power allows her to absorb the essence of everyone she touches, which is also the reason for possessing the powers of flight, durability and strength that she current exhibits!

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