Justice League of America Cosplay: Zatanna (Meagan Marie) Cosplay 18 DEC 2011

Former Game Informer columnist and current Community Manager for the Tomb Raider franchise over at Crystal Dynamics, cosplayer Meagan Marie, also known as Meagan vanBurkleo or VirtualGirl6654, is popular web celebrity who is known for coming up with some fantastic costumes in the past. This week she tackles DC Comics’ classic fishnet stocking clad sorceress, Zatanna!

Zatanna has been one of the longest lasting magic wielding characters to tread throughout the DC universe, having appeared in just about all of DC Comics’ major lines. A powerful sorceress whose abilities appear to be genetic, her trademark magic use is to cast her spells by speaking verbal commands backwards, though there is nothing stopping her from casting spells just by speaking normally or sometimes by not saying anything at all!

She’s a skill magician and conjurer as well, enjoying keeping her more traditional magic trickery and sleight of hand up to speed, as it sharpens her skills and keeps her at the top of her game. The limits of her magical ability has never really been set, and she has been known to banish beings, ressurect cities, control minds, fire blasts of energy – basically meaning that for the most part, she can pretty much do anything she thinks of!

And yet for some reason she is never seen without her trademark fishnet stockings. Strange that.

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