Strike Witches Cosplay: Yoshika Miyafuji (Yusa) Cosplay 25 DEC 2011

The cute magic-wielding, flying, pantless army girls of Strikes Witches are highlighted in this week’s cosplay outing, this time around featuring one Yoshika Miyafuji, brought to life by cosplayer Yusa.

Fourteen year old Yoshika Miyafuji is the main character of the Strike Witches anime series, coming from a family of doctors who use their magic powers to heal people. In search of her father, she learns that he was the one who originally designed the Striker Units that the Strike Witches use to fight against the Neuroi.

Initially a steadfast pacifist, she is drawn into combat thanks to the appearance of Mio Sakamoto, and eventually joins the 501st unit, gaining the rank of Sergeant. She has a talent for cooking and takes on the characteristics of a Shiba dog when joined to her Striker unit.

She carries a type 99 aircraft cannon along with a M712 in battle.

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