X-Men Cosplay: Age of Apocalypse Rogue (Kearstin Nicholson) Cosplay 15 JAN 2012

Heavily tattooed model, artist and cosplayer Kearstin Nicholson puts together today’s great X-Men: Age of Apocalypse cosplay, featuring none other than Magneto’s feisty main squeeze, Rogue.

The Age of Apocalypse year long X-Men storyline ditched everything anyone knew about the X-Men Universe, turned it completely inside out and upside down on its head, and delivered in the process a thoroughly entertaining, self-contained and most important of all, enjoyable spectacle for all comic book fans.

One of the main characters was protagonist Rogue, still retaining the core of her abilities that she has in the normal Marvel Universe, as well as keeping her firmly on the “good” side.

Of course, the one big difference was that she was now Magneto’s wife. (And that they had managed to find a way to “do it”).

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