Amazing Spider-Man Cosplay: Black Cat (Wind of the Stars) Cosplay 12 FEB 2012

American cosplayer Wind of the Stars dons today’s figure hugging costume in order to bring to life for us one of the Marvel universe’s premiere female cat burglars, the Black Cat, a.k.a Felicia Hardy when she isn’t bearing her wicked little claws.

Having been generated as a Spider-man antagonist and released into the wild in 1979, Black Cat has gone through numerous rewrites over the years, some of which included superhuman capabilities and other that didn’t. However, at the end of the day, The Black Cat is a skilled, world-renowned cat burglar who dresses like a cat, employs a lot of acrobatics, has access to a lot of nifty gadgets to aid her work on either side of the law, and has a more than decent set of martial arts abilities.

And yes, just like DC universe’s Catwoman Selina Kyle, Felicia Hardy can’t quite figure out if she’s good or bad or just why she’s fallen for the hero who will never return her calls!

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