Valentine’s Day and Separation Anxiety, two completely different topics which I have now married together to form a quick post, a masterful stroke indeed. And when I say married together, I mean completely separate of course.

Anyway, Valentine’s Day 2012 caught Chantelle and myself somewhat unprepared, so much so that we even forgot to try and exploit it via the Cookies and Cakes venture! Going away for the weekend didn’t help, and so when Tuesday morning rolled in to play, Valentine’s Day started off with nothing more than a “Good morning my love, Happy Valentine”, before more snoring quickly followed.

We did however get our act a little more together by the afternoon though, where Chantelle and I met up at the always fabulous Jenna Viva for an impromptu Valentine’s Day lunch, with wifey first gobbling down some sushi before the two of us tackled our delicious open sandwiches.

Of course, the lunch was a little rushed thanks to the fact that I only have a hour lunch break in the afternoon, and to be honest, things got a little worse on the romantic front when you consider Chantelle had to wait until the evening before I could get her a yummy Aero chocolate slab to decorate her pillow with, and I on the other hand had to wait until Wednesday night to arrive home after karate to a bag of biltong with a card.

Shameful I know, but next year I’ll pull my socks up love, promise!

Now onto separation anxiety. It would seem that Jessica is now starting to enter this development phase, as every now and then we’ll hit a speed bump when Chantelle tries to hand her over to either the creché or me, with the little one crying her head off and reaching back for mommy to take her again. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it certainly does take place, which I guess we can’t get too mad about because it is a sign that she’s developing.

Still no improvement in terms of saying a word or two, but at least the standing, moving along a ridge whilst standing, and sitting down from a standing position are all nicely in place now! :)