Alice: Madness Returns Cosplay: Alice (Unidentified) Cosplay 08 APR 2012

This unidentified cosplayer appeared at 2011’s Fantasy Frontier 18 Anime Expo, held in Taipei, Taiwan, posing around long enough for enthusiast Sean Su to capture some nice pictures of her in her threads. And while the cosplayer herself might may remain unidentified, the character she is portraying most certainly does not – it is of course the Vorpal Blade-bearing, cynical Alice from Alice: Madness Returns, the 2011 sequel to the cult favourite American McGee’s Alice, first released way back in 2000.

At a young age, following her Through the Looking Glass adventure, Alice was orphaned when her parents and older sister Lizzie were burned alive in a house fire. Distraught, she fell into a catatonic state after a failed suicide attempt and was condemned to Rutledge Asylum for treatment. There she remained for roughly 10 years, faced with her own survivor’s guilt, and mistreatment by other patients at Rutledge. One night the White Rabbit comes to her, and tells her that she must return to Wonderland to undo the wicked deformities brought on by the dictatorship of the malevolent Queen of Hearts. It is revealed later that by overthrowing the Queen of Hearts, Alice will not only save Wonderland, but her own sanity as well.

In Madness Returns, Alice has fallen on hard times. Now living in an orphanage in Victorian London, Alice is under the care of Doctor Angus Bumby, a psychiatrist who uses hypnotism to help his patients forget their haunting memories. Believing the fire which killed her family was no accident, Alice investigates it whilst having hallucinations of Wonderland once again corrupted, now by the Infernal Train and the Ruin monsters.

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