Blood-C Cosplay: Saya Kisaragi (K Miyuko) Cosplay 06 MAY 2012

The big name Korean cosplayers grabbed a lot of attention when they first burst in on the scene with their immaculate photo shoots, attention to detail and just plain cute factor, and one of those girls leading the pack was cosplayer K Miyuko, this time around picking up a neatly sharpened blade and assuming the persona of Saya Kisaragi, the kind hearted, clumsy, but skilled with a katana protagonist from the latest entry in the Blood the Last Vampire franchise, Blood-C.

Voice by Nana Mizuki for the anime, Saya is the main character in Blood-C, an upbeat and cheerful girl who is extremely kind and particularly overly polite. Despite her athletic prowess when it comes to sport, she comes across as quite a klutz, and is often falling over or tripping over things, never mind always arriving late for school!

However, what her friends around her don’t know, is that Saya lives a second life in which she trains under her father as a miko as well as a swordsman. Her sworn duty is to hunt the monsters that inhabit the town, the Furukimono, and it is during these bloody and vicious battles that her true nature awakens…

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