Gintama Cosplay Quickie: Kagura (Tasha) Cosplay 18 MAY 2012

The muscle for Odd Jobs Gin, Kagura is a young alien girl from the Yato Clan, one of the strongest and most bloodthirsty of the Amanto races. In order to escape this legacy, Kagura came to Earth, but thanks to her rather prodigious strength and fighting abilities, never mind her temper and rough around the edges demeanour, quickly found employment in the very fields she was trying to avoid!

Because of her translucent skin (in other words highly sensitive to sunlight), Kagura always carries an umbrella with her, which doubles as her weapon seeing as it is both bulletproof and capable of firing bullets from its tip. Naturally her Yato heritage makes her very strong, which is a problem because her control isn’t particularly great.

Hence a lot of pets who met an unfortunate demise.

Top Korean cosplayer Tasha brings this fun Gintama character to life, just in time for today’s cosplay quickie!

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