My-HiME Cosplay: Akira Okuzaki (Ari) Cosplay 03 JUN 2012

Japanese cosplayer Ari grabs her ninja gear and tackles the middleschooler ninja with a big secret, Akira Okuzaki from the My-HiME franchise, for this week’s fantastic cosplay entry.

Akira is the roomate of Mai Tokiha’s younger brother Takumi Tokiha, and attends Fuka Middle school with him. Akira is particularly strong-willed and pretty forceful, which contrasts strongly with Takumi’s far gentler personality. However, Akira obviously has some pretty big secrets to hide, which get revealed as the show hurtles along, the biggest two being of course that a) she’s a girl and b) she’s a HiMe. (Note, these are spoilers. Sorry about that.)

Skilled in the art of ninjitsu, Akira’s “child” in My-HiME is a huge frog-like creature named Gennai, which is able to blind enemies and allow Akira to “pin” her opponents’ shadows to the ground, before launching some pretty devastating attacks. Skilled with throwing objects like shuriken and kunai, her Element is a double-bladed kunai that can be summoned with the word “on”.

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