Dynasty Warriors 7 Cosplay: Zhen Ji (Pamela Colnaghi) Cosplay 04 JUL 2012

Italian cosplayer Pamela Colnaghi has put together a fantastically detailed costume to bring to life Dynasty Warrior’s Zhen Ji in this great cosplay effort!

Zhen Ji is Cao Pi’s wife. She appears for the first time in the game at the Battle of Guan Du on Yuan Shao’s side. She is described in the game as a “serene woman with a noble heart”, with a calm and even tempered demeanor, but nonetheless unwavering and merciless to some extent.

In Dynasty Warriors 5 she is slightly more ruthless, probably to compliment Cao Pi, who makes his debut in that installment. She does not have any significant roles in the game, except in one battle, in which she is the default character who raises suspicions about Zhou Fang’s possible defection to Wu, but this role in the cutscene is variable and can be replaced by any other Wei character except Cao Cao and Sima Yi.

Zhen Ji wields a golden flute. Her attacks are average and deal only a moderate amount of damage to enemies. Her musou attack involves her playing tunes on her flute while enemies around her are struck by the sound waves. In Dynasty Warriors 6 she uses a chain whip similar to Diao Chan’s and they share a similar move-set. In Dynasty Warriors 7 her flute was returned to her as her EX weapon.

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