Thunderbolts Cosplay: Songbird (The Wendy Bird) Cosplay 08 JUL 2012

A cosplayer identifying herself only as The Wendy Bird, thought it might be fun to do something daring with her hair, put on a bodysuit and transform into the most vocal member of the Thunderbolts group: Songbird!

Melissa Gold has had a pretty troubled early life, leading her to eventually joining the Grapplers group under the alias of Screaming Mimi, where her life of crime really took hold, especially after the addition of her vocal powers that allowed her to completely manipulate sound, bringing with it a number of devastating effects.

Things didn’t go well for her though, and after burning through her powers, she was given a second chance by Baron Zemo under the new name of Songbird, as well as new abilities through the technology of Claw – this time the power to create solid sound constructs in addition to her vast vocal range.

She became a member of the Thunderbolts, a super-villain group posing as superheroes whilst carrying out Zemo’s sinister mission in secrecy. However, as with most of the other members of the Thunderbolts, Songbird began to enjoy her role as a hero, and in the end switched her alignment.

Since then, she has already turned down an offer to join the Avengers proper, and instead finds herself a part of Luke Cage’s new Thunderbolts group, where she is a formidable asset to the team!

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