JLA Cosplay: Wonder Woman (Giorgia Vecchini) Cosplay 27 SEP 2012

The well known and popular Italian cosplayer Giorgia Vecchini gets her bling on and tackles the first lady amongst superheroines, William Moulton Marston’s most famous creation, Diana Prince, Princess of the Amazons, aka Wonder Woman!

One of the most popular and iconic female superheroes of all time, Wonder Woman is the Princess of the Amazons (based on the Amazons of Greek mythology), who has left her isolated, women-only, home island of Themyscira and has come to be more proactive in the wider world, protecting the innocent against all manner of threats.

Possessing superhuman strength, flight, super-speed, super-stamina, and super-agility, Diana is highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat and in the art of tactical warfare. She also possesses an animal-like cunning and a natural rapport with animals, which has in the past been presented as an actual ability to communicate with the animal kingdom. She uses her Lasso of Truth, which forces those bound by it to tell the truth, a pair of indestructible bracelets, a tiara which serves as a projectile, and, in some stories, an invisible airplane.

As for her secret identity which allows her to achieve other goals which would be more challenging attempting them as Wonder Woman, the unassuming Diana Prince walks our streets as a successful businesswoman.

And now you know.


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