Wonder Woman Cosplay: Artemis (Panda Valentine) Cosplay 14 OCT 2012

Although perhaps not quite as lithe as co-creator Mike Deodato Jr. liked to draw her (to be fair though, Mike Deodato Jr. doesn’t exactly produce women figures that could actually exist in reality), Artemis (wearing her armour from the Requiem story arc) is brought back to life with much gusto by American cosplayer Panda Valentine.

A fellow Amazonian warrior from Themyscira, Artemis is known to be a lot more battle-hungry and physical than Wonder Woman.

In an attempt to escape a fate which saw the death of Diana as Wonder Woman, Artemis was manipulated by Hippolyta into winning the Contest which saw her briefly take over the role of Wonder Woman. In winning the Content, Artemis received several magical artefacts, including the Gauntlet of Atlas which increased its wearer’s strength by ten times, The Sandals of Hermes which gave the gift of speed and flight, and the golden Lasso of Truth which forced anyone tied by it to speak only the truth, all of which boosted Artemis’ already incredible fighting prowess.

After eventually dying at the hands of the White Magician, Artemis’ soul was sent to a form of Hell, where she did manage to free herself with the assistance of Diana and return to the land of the living, where she picked up on new roles in an order to distance herself from her previous tenure as Wonder Woman – including taking on the new identity of Requiem as part of the demon hunting hero group, the Hellenders!

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